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Straight Talk About Franchising: What I Learned and You Need to Know 

This book is based on one franchise owner’s experiences of two very different locations in the quick casual segment of the restaurant industry, although much of the material translates across all types of franchises. Filled with anecdotes of actual situations, colorful infographics and visuals, lists of information and the processes of running a business, this book not only points out the methods for choosing a successful franchise but also its pitfalls. Jumpstart your knowledge of how to choose the best, avoid a disaster and run a flourishing franchise.





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Inherited Secrets

Would you be the same person if you suddenly found out that your family’s entire story was a lie? Would you question everything you experienced, all that you were taught and arrive at the conclusion that your whole world is now spinning in a different direction? A chance Internet search started an avalanche of information for one woman. It lead to the discovery that the family she had erroneously judged to be the most boring in existence, was actually a spider web mired in secrets that spanned the range of murder, embezzlement and greed, involving a wide array of characters that encompassed Hollywood and the highest ranking officials in Washington, D.C.

Seen through the eyes of the woman, she reveals her emotions and memories and how she came to terms with a family that was actually quite scandalous. Based on a true story.