Inherited Secrets


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Each of us is largely a by-product of what we were taught growing up, the type of family we grew up in and the views that were formed when young. I had the opinion that my family was extremely boring, we didn’t go places, rarely went out to dinner and didn’t go on vacations. You can imagine how tough it would be to one day wake up and realize that deep secrets lay beneath the foundation and that everything that you thought you knew about your family was suddenly turned upside down.

After extensive research of my family, beginning with a chance search on the internet, I can only say that I spent the next two weeks in a state of sleep deprivation and almost constant hyperventilation. What I found rocked my world to the core. My family was involved in a major scandal that included high U.S. government officials.  I found pictures on the front page of at least a hundred newspapers across the country, and even included Time magazine and True Detective. Headlines shouted the scheme that involved my mom, dad, and my aunt and uncle!

Not only did I have to deal with that shocking revelation, but I also found that my family’s secrets also included murder and affairs.

This book is based on a true story and is a testament to how dark, family secrets can effect those left behind.






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