Everything you should know but never thought to ask!

Talking Points


  • How to Know if a Franchise is Right for You
 Three things to ask yourself before you make a choice.
  • Three Red Flags to a Franchise
Don’t move forward before you do a thorough investigation if you see these warning signs.
  • Practical Tips to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Right for You
How to decide if you fit the lifestyle.
  • Why the Newest and Hottest Franchises May Not Be the Best
 It’s not always about being trendy, it’s about being tried and true.
  • The Three Most Over Rated Assumptions About Business Ownership
 What most people fail to realize about owning a business.
  • Five Things You Can Never Plan for as a Business Owner
 No matter how much you plan you can’t foresee some challenges.

ProfessionalHeadshotOct2013About Cindy Readnower

Author – Entrepreneur – Speaker

Cindy owned two franchise restaurants, earning awards from the franchisor for her first restaurant for Best Grand Opening and ranking Number 8 among 220 locations in sales volume. Her second location allowed her to see the other side of the coin which gave Cindy a unique perspective to help others understand the advantages and the pitfalls of franchising and business ownership.



Straight Talk About Franchising – What I Learned and You Need to KnowFinal Book Cover Straight Talk

Based on experience in two very different locations in the quick casual dining segment of the restaurant industry, this book is filled with information for any kind of small business or franchise.  Included are many Infographics and anecdotes about owning a business/franchise. It’s a comprehensive guide that helps you determine your options for making smart choices.




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